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We were tired of getting lost in a sea of irrelevant websites whenever searched at places like Google or Yahoo, so we decided to start our own search engine/listing directory devoted only to alternative culture, events, online ethnobotanical shops, interesting forums, the environment, eco-travel, and any other site we feel fits our focus in some way.  LinktoMe was created

LinktoMe is no ordinary resource either! - Ten Points that make us unique:

LinktoMe is devoted to providing a comprehensive link engine and directory that focuses on every topic that most Search Engines refuse to index, such as "Entheogen Forums", "Anti-War", "Cannabis Culture", "Out of Body Experiences", and countless others.  We couldn't simply "spider" major Search Engines; we had to build a directory from the ground up!

2. Any link in the
LinktoMe directory can be edited by the site's owner at any time.

3. Every single listing in LinktoMe can have comments and ratings added, so any visitor will be able to get a feel for the website, business, organization, or person before contacting them or deciding to do business with them.

4. Anyone is welcome to suggest a site, and instead of waiting 3 months to get indexed, we index new pages daily.

5. Any link listed in our search engine directory gets a hard-coded page at LinktoMe that can be seen by any other search engine.

6. LinktoMe offers targeted banner ads so interested parties can place banners on pages that will target only interested audiences.  Keeping the site clean by keeping advertising to an absolute minimum, we keep the focus on finding the resources you are looking for. We also offer Premier Listings for a fee that can get you listed at the top of search engine results.

7. We spider the entire directory weekly and remove any dead links!

8. Our spider targets only websites that fit within a particular set of criteria, leaving out virtually all of the irrelevant garbage that makes it difficult to find the information you are looking for.

9. We are growing almost daily, and with your help, we will continue to have an ever-increasing wealth of alternative resources for anyone who thinks or lives outside of the box.  LinktoMe not only accepts link submissions, we also accept any ideas you have that you feel might make this a better, more comprehensive place.  Most importantly, stop getting lost in a sea of irrelevant websites, and be seen on a search engine and link directory that is geared specifically towards you!

10. For link or website owners: You can include both a long description and a keyword list, as well as contact information and suggested categories.  If you have a listing in our directory but don't have a password, simply e-mail us and request a password.  Your site will be updated and indexed in a Search Engine friendly page.

If you are interested in placing a Banner Ad or a Premium Listing at
LinktoMe, simply click the "Add Premium URL" above for details, or e-mail us For anything related to Banner Ads and Premium Listings. Each Banner Ad can be targeted to specific keywords or categories, so you know that your ad is showing only where or when you want it to.

General Questions, Listing Questions, Sales Questions: mail at linktomi dot net

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