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Drugs and Entheogens
Entheogen forums such as mushrooms, ayahuasca, and Salvia divinorum

1. 100% Organic Medicinal & Spiritual Botanicals
We offer everyone an opportunity to experience an amazing world of Medicinal and Spiritual plants. We offer dried ethnobotanicals, viable seeds and live plants of some of the most sought after herbs as well as some very rare and exciting botanicals!
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2. Ayahuasca Forum Popular
Welcome to the Ayahuasca Home Page. A repository for all kinds of information regarding the famous jungle brew. We have completely redesigned the site, and hope you like it. Any comments can be directed to us at
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3. DMT Nexus
DMT Nexus is a place for the discussion, research and exploration of one of the most, if not the most mystical and profound entheogens of the 21 st century.
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4. Popular
˛ffentliche Drogen-Diskussion
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5. Drugs-plaza Forum Popular
Drugs Forum about Marijuana Mushrooms and Herbals
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6. Popular is an online mailing list for the discussion of Entheogens, their cultural use and botany. We are primarily a Canadian based list, but all are welcome to join.
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7. Everyone Does It Popular
A forum mostly dedicated to Marijuana, but also has a few other interesting topics as well. Highly posted and very well maintained.
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8. Gardenzone
I sell only the best products some organic and some kosherIf there is something I don't have let me know I'll try to get it for you
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9. Gleaning Wisdom from the Sage Popular
A forum for people who are interested in Salvia divinorum. Feel free to post any experiences, discussion topics, links, or pictures related to Salvia divinorum. In order to reduce spam, the first post of new members is moderated and must be approved before it will appear. After approval new members can post normally.
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Kratom Info at a blog where some of our favorite people will post about Kratom, Ethnobotanicals and the laws, ethics and issues surrounding them.
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11. psycherdelicmind Popular
Consciousness for the psychedelic mind is a mind pertaining to a change in the normal state of consciousness.we are an Email discussion group for those of the psychedelic community living at the end of time.
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12. Psychonaut Popular
Psychonaut is an international community focused on sharing drugs-related information, discussion, experiences, news, videos and photos.
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13. Salvia D Alliance Forum Popular
Sharing the experiences of Salvia divinorum induced states. Studying the effects that ska Maria Pastora causes in our minds and bodies. Using the experience of Salvia space in our lives.
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14. salvia divinorum argentina
all about salvia divinorum, entheogens and psichedelic drugs.
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15. Salvia Divinorum Newsletter
SalviaList provides up to date legal information on Salvia Divinorum as well as the best deals to buy salvia divinorum
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16. Ska Maria Pastora Forum Popular
Discuss the spiritual uses of Salvia Divinorum and share your experiences. This dicussion will hopefully enlighten many to the wonders of this divine sage. Help keep it available by having church meetings. Support by sharing personal verses and historical facts about the spiritual use of Salvia Divinorum. Grow stronger in your life and learn many new things about yourself by following the teachings of Ska Maria Pastora.
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17. SpiritPlants Forum Popular
A forum for a wide range of subjects including Cactus, Entheogens, Art, Human Rights, Marijuana, Mushrooms, Opiates, Plants, Psychedelic Research, and more.
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18. The British Salvia Group Popular
A Yahoo forum for people from the UK who are interested in Salvia Divinorum.
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19. The Shroomery Popular
This site was created to help stop the spread of dangerous misinformation related to magic mushrooms, so that people can make intelligent and informed decisions about what they put in their bodies. Countless contributors and volunteers have made efforts to consolidate the plethora of information about magic mushrooms available on the World Wide Web into an all-encompassing source of accurate and accessible facts.
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