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Rainforest Conservation
Conservation of rainforests, destruction of rainforests
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1. Africa Rainforest and River Conservation
dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the rainforest in the Congo Basin.
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2. African Blackwood Conservation Project
A non-profit organization devoted to replanting this threatened species in Tanzania. Blackwood is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments, and the tree plays a vital role in the ecology of the East African savannah.
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3. Alaska Rainforest Campaign
Coalition of regional and national environmental groups working to protect and restore the last great expanse of temperate rain forest in North America. Site includes information about forests and rainforests.
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4. Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Programme
The Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Programme works on two interlinked global problems: rural poverty and the environmental effects of deforestation in the humid tropics.
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5. Amazon Conservation Team
Focus on cultural aspects - ACT is dedicated to creating new conservation strategies by combining indigenous knowledge with Western science to understand, document and preserve the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon.
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6. Amazon Conservation Team (ACT)|conservation
and research in the Amazon basin. ||Mark J Plotkin
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7. Amazon International Rainforest Reserve (AIRR)|nonprofit organization set up exclusively to buy land in the Amazon and protect it with forest rangers. ||Rainforest
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8. Amazon Tree Diversity Network
Biodiversity mapping and modeling of the pan-Amazon (Amazonia and the Guyana Shield). Developing spatial model of tree ñ-diversity of the area. With diversity maps, discussion and methods.
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9. Ancient Forest Exploration and Research
Information and research about Ontario's remaining old-growth forest ecosystems, including where to see them and how to help conserve them.
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10. APFT
Multi-disciplinary project sponsored by the European Community which aims to investigate and document the future of the peoples of the rainforest. Involves over 30 researchers in the Caribbean, central Africa and the southwestern Pacific. Site is for the use of anthropologists and others to promote wider access to information concerning the earth's rainforests and its people.
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11. Asia Pacific Forest Certification Information
A forest certification service aims to develop a certification information network to educate stakeholders and promote certification in East Asia and the Pacific.
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12. Audubon Sanctuary, Francis Beidler Forest
National Audubon Society wildlife Sanctuary, one of the lartest virgin blackwater cypress-tupelo swamp forest left in the world (11,000+ acres).
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13. Australian Rainforest Conservation Society
information on Australian rainforests
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14. Be Woods Wise! - The Maine Forest Service
The Maine Forest Service, shares your vision for beautiful, healthy and productive woodland. We respect your decisions, and can help put your decisions into action.
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15. Big Scrub Land Management Services
Provides information about the subtropical rainforests of eastern Australia and includes pictures of rainforest plants, strategies for rainforest regeneration and general land management advice.
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A German-supported (mega)transect study of the Biodiversity of West Africa (Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Benin), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), and Southern Africa (Namibia and South Africa).
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17. Bois et forúts des tropiques
scientific review disseminating knowledge on tropical forest in french, english and spanish.
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18. Bosque Lluvioso Foundation
organization established to protect and expand the primary and secondary rainforest lands of Costa Rica.
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19. British Columbia Ministry of Forests
An official government site about forest policy in British Columbia. Site also includes facts and data.
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20. British Trees
Guide to the native trees of Britain, plus links to other web resources on forestry and conservation of British Native trees, including forest conservation organizations.
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